Fixing Your Life Is Like Fighting a Hydra

гидра онион

How often do you have problems in your life? Like buses, you can go ages without one then three arrive at once. This is because problems are cunning, clever predators. They hunt in packs. If you focus on sorting out your finances, your relationship dramas loom in the background.

It’s the most depressing game of Whack-a-Mole of all time. Bop one problem and three take its place.

How do you go on when nothing seems to help?

In Greek mythology, there’s the mighty Hydra. When you cut off a head from the terrifying serpent, two grow to replace it. So, do you keep swinging? It’s hard to, when every effort only makes things worse.

So, do you give up? Lay down your sword and let the Hydra devour you?

Or do you look for a better solution?

The answer to the Hydra problem is fire. Cut off the head, then cauterise the wound. Deal with the problem and stop it returning. That’s fine for battling a regenerating serpent, but how can you do the same thing in your life?

The fire trick deals with the problems at their source. The heads aren’t the problem; they’re the symptom. The real problem is the гидра онион itself.

Just as all problems in your life have a common cause.

Sometimes it’s obvious. For example, a lack of confidence can undermine your career, business and love life. And it’s usually pretty obvious when this is the case. Other causes can be harder to spot.

The good news is that you don’t have to identify them to treat them.

I worked with a client who had problems. That’s how he defined them: “problems”. To him, they were like a big, black, swirling cloud. He knew they were bad, but each was so intertwined with the others that he couldn’t make sense of any of them. And he had no clue on how to even start resolving it.

This is common when your problems hunt in packs.

The solution?

I asked him to explore the cloud of problems. This takes patience, as it can be slow work. It also takes discipline. If you succumb to thinking bad thoughts about the problems… well, you’ve just created a new one. You need to observe the problems critically and with detachment, like a curious scientist exploring some aspect of the natural environment.

This allowed him to strip away the fog and reveal a small seed. This seed was the source of his problems – the common factor behind all his current anxieties, woes and missteps.

What was this seed and how did he resolve it? Finding out was not easy. But, since this was just one obstacle, it was easy to get started.

This is how you fix your problems. Like fighting a hydra, you can’t rely on brute force. You have to be smart.

Are you curious about how I stripped away the fog of problems? It’s quite a simple and fun technique, once you know how. I explain everything you need to know to apply it to your own life in this month’s Awakened Thought.

Imagine being able to resolve emotional blockages in a few moments of thinking. You can experience more than relief as it frees up your energy to focus on what you want in life.


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