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We are all aware that the home electricity bill was so expensive and continue to rise throughout the year. Many people have been looking for ways to reduce their electricity bill in order to save their routine expenditures. Actually the solution is available and have been proven can produce electricity and also works extremely well. These technologies is using solar power system, the problem is that many people do not know that solar power technology is really easy to get and simple, so anybody can do it easily. You do not have to be an engineer or a genius to install your home solar power system.

Solar power technology is actually really simple, there are only 4 main components needed, solar panel or photo voltaic (PV) panel, charger controllers, batteries and inverter. Solar panels (PV) is responsible for converting sunlight into usable energy by using an electron in a silicon cell in the panel. The details on how this is done is beyond the scope of this article. The important thing to note is that the solar panels have been proven can transform sunlight into usable energy, in this case, electrical energy for your home.

Generated electrical control panel manufacturer from the solar panels, is to be use for your home electricity needs and to charge the batteries. The batteries are use to store the electrical energy and always ready to use when the sun does not appear (eg at night). The controller charger is for charging and maintaining batteries performance. The inverter allows you to change the DC (direct current) electrical power into AC (Alternating Current) electrical power, thus all the equipment in our homes will obtain sufficient electricity supply and in accordance with their respective equipment needs (there is a need for DC power, and many more require an AC power).

The use of solar power, actually had been around for years, some example of its application are Lighthouses, traffic signs, street lights etc. The utilization of solar panels is expanding, not only because of energy saving but its also because this technology proved reliable and only require little effort for maintenance.

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