How Much Does a Website Cost to Buy?

When considering having a website built the one issue is always cost. You must be realistic with your website budget and set yourself a target. Your budget must be built up on what type of website design you need, your projected turnover from it and the percentage of profit on return. It is very much the same as when you are setting up a business and require things like premises, everything has to be factored in.

Costo sito internet can start as low as £100 for a bespoke web page and can go up and beyond £15,000.

Don’t just go into a website design project not knowing how much you want to spend because you will either end up being priced out and not having one at all or worse still a poor one that doesn’t do what you require. Now that you have a good idea of what you can spend lets see what factors determine price, these are all things to discuss with your designer:

Style of build
Will the website be a standard HTML build or will it be imagery based such as flash? This depends on the look and feel of the website, flash is a more expensive option due to the amount of hours involved building it. A standard HTML website will be less expensive and can include snippets of flash and JavaScript to make the website feel very interactive. The more involved in the building process the higher the price.

Content Management
How will content changes be implemented? If you require the web designer to update the content then this will be charged at an hourly rate due to the coding that is involved in the changes. If you are requiring regular content changes then a CMS (content management system) is a must to look at.

A CMS (content management system) allows you to make your own changes via an online log in process, this lets you make change from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This will be more expensive at the start and can be up to double the original price but if you are going to make regular changes think of the savings in the future.

Embedded Features
Do you have your own images available to use? If not they may need to be purchased which for high quality photos and images can be expensive. If you have your own images and videos etc.. You can save yourself a lot of money during the initial building process.

Websites are a massive factor in anyone’s business and they should be there to show you and your business off to its full capacity. If you have a realistic budget and ideas then this can always be fulfilled, having various quotes and meeting various designers will allow you to have a website that matches all of your criteria. Remember that writing your own content and taking your own pictures will save you money and at the same time make the website personal to you.

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