Job Market Outlook of 5 Key Sectors


Unfortunately, the job market outlook is still far from promising. The only advantage we have right now is that we understand market conditions. This means that everybody has the knowledge to prepare accordingly.

I was actually wondering if there are industries that will be doing better than others. Obviously, there are. Retail and construction are still struggling so we cannot expect employment offers from them. The good news is the federal government is helping out by creating more jobs.

To give you some perspective on the job market outlook for specific industries, here are a few comments that I got from experts.

Retail -The holidays are always a boost for the retail industry. However, with the current economy and with many cutting costs, retailers are less likely to hire as many seasonal workers as they do during more robust times. Additionally, the salaries will likely be lower as well.

Construction – This industry is still having a hard time. Experts do not fully agree if a bottom has been reached, but there is chatter that it is here or very close. Warmer weather and the bottoming out in varying community will start to predict improvements here.

Manufacturing – The Jobbörse outlook for this industry is relatively stable. It is not excelling, but is fairly steady at new levels. There are products that are going strong but with the weakening dollar, our products are still cheaper outside the country. And with recession hitting every part of the globe, demand is limited.

Health Care – This is a very interesting industry because of the shortage of health care providers. But the problem is there is also no money to pay for extra health care professionals. The federal government’s effort to orchestrate a health care overhaul will play into this industry’s metamorphosis.

Hospitals are closing down and even Medicare and Medicaid have overdue reimbursements. Health is always an issue and there will never be a shortage on that, the question is, who will pay for the services and at what price?

Financial Services – I think you know what I’m about to say for this industry. The job market outlook for the financial industry is absolutely dismal. Thousands of jobs are lost every month and there is no indication that it will be halting soon.

Generally, the job market outlook is far from exciting. Bad news for those who are looking for jobs and to those who are trying to shift careers. Hold on to that job as long as you can until the economy goes back to normal.

If however, you are keen into changing careers, make sure to do your research. Analyze the market and keep up with the trends so that you know what opportunities are for long term and which are not.

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