Used Mobility Scooters – How Do I Find a Bargain?

Mobility scooters are a great boon to mobility and independence, but the cost can sometimes be prohibitive. With a used mobility scooter, cost needn’t be a problem. You can find some real bargains. However, in terms of scooters, ‘bargains’ aren’t necessarily the cheapest scooters.

You need to make sure before buying that your scooter fits your particular requirements, just like you would with any big purchase. Its a good idea to read some product reviews to find the make and model of scooter that is right for you, so you can narrow it down while shopping. That said, there are a number of places you can find a great used mobility scooter.

Local newspapers and advertisements

You are going to want to test drive any scooter you buy – or at least the make and model that it is. You need to know that it has the power and facilities you require and that you can sit comfortably on it. The obvious answer, then, is to look in the private classified advertisements in your local area. Perhaps your local mobility centre sells used wat kosten scootmobielen too. That way you can try before you buy. They should be willing to come out to you to let you try the scooter.

You can also, of course, place a classified ad registering your desire to buy a used mobility scooter so people can contact you through that if they have one to sell.

At least, if you buy a used mobility scooter from one of the other sources below, you can make sure you’re going for the right make and model if you test-drive it first.

The Internet

Many people are now turning to the internet to find a used mobility scooter. Purchasing a scooter this way and having it shipped to you is easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

There are many online mobility scooter sites and online auctions that sell used mobility scooters. These are very popular since the access to the World Wide Web allows individuals to consider buying scooters from anywhere in the world, potentially. Make sure you get one that has a service agreement, and some type of warranty, in case there are any problems.

Of course, you have to remember to factor in the cost of shipping to make sure you really are getting a bargain if you choose to buy a used mobility scooter from someone in another country. There are so many of these mobility scooters to be had that it’s rarely necessary to go that far afield to find one that will suit your requirements at a price you can afford.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are a good place to start looking for a used mobility scooter, although they are found rarely in these places. You just never know, though!

So, you have several options for saving some money and finding a used mobility scooter. Just be careful to approach this purchase in the same way you would buying a new mobility scooter and don’t carried away at the thought of a so-called bargain. Make sure the scooter works first and make sure that it will do what you need it to do.


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