Wedding Flowers – What to Choose?

Rose is the universal wedding flower, but now, different varieties of flowers are being used during weddings and these include tulips, calla lilies, sunflowers, hyacinth, carnation and other floral varieties. With the wide range of choices available today, most couples find it hard to decide what wedding flowers to choose.

We are all aware that in any kind of wedding, flowers are always great additions. From simple to elegant weddings, the floral designs and themes contribute a lot to the beauty of the setting. As always, flowers stand as a symbol not just to unite but also to protect the union of two persons. Because of this, brides put much importance on what kind of flower to use and how their wedding flowers will look like.

Before selecting the flowers to use, have a checklist on where the wedding flowers will be used. Your list should include the following:

o Flowers for church decorations

o Flowers to be used in the reception site

o Boutonnieres for the groom, the parents, groomsmen and ushers

o Bridal bouquet

o Bouquets of the bridesmaids

o Petals for the flower girls

o Flowers for the mothers’ corsages

o Flowers to be used in embellishing the cake and the table

o Bouquet to be thrown by the bride

You may also need flowers for:

o The corsages of grandmothers and other important female guests

o The boutonnières of grandfathers and other significant male guests

o Decorating the places where pictorials will be done

o The hair of the bride or the bridesmaids

When you are selecting the kind of Toko Bunga Ciputat that you will use in your wedding day, there are some things that you must consider.

1. The wedding flower should reflect your personality and should match your wedding theme. Don’t choose a flower because it is what your mother wants or because it is your friend’s favorite. You can be open for suggestions but the final decision should come from you. It is your wedding so it isn’t about what people want but about what you want.

2. Look through different samples of wedding bouquets and flowers. You have to be familiar with the different flowers, colors and designs so better look at many photographs of wedding flowers. The World Wide Web is a great place where you can find lots of varieties to choose from.

3. As you look through the web pages, consider first the style. This is because there are flowers that may not suit the style that you want.

4. Keep in mind that large bouquets are quite heavy so the bride with small body frame should not choose a big bouquet.

5. After deciding on the style, you can now determine the kind of flowers and colors to choose.

6. You can base your choice of flowers on their meanings. Among the popular flowers used in today’s weddings are:

o Red roses – they stand for true love

o White roses – they symbolize purity and innocence; they also mean “I am worthy of you”

o Calla lily – it represents beauty

o White carnation – it is a symbol of fascination and woman’s love

o Red tulips – they signify the avowal of love

o White lily – it means purity and heavenly

o Babies’ breath – this flower signifies purity of the heart

o Hyacinth – it stands for loveliness

o Blue Violet – it is a sign of faithfulness

o Daisy – it symbolizes innocence

o Iris – this flower stands for affection and warmth

o Ivy – it denotes fidelity and eternal love

7. For those who prefer fragrant flowers, then you can go for hyacinth, gardenias, tuber roses and star-gazer lilies. The fragrance of such flowers will surely be heavenly.

8. Choose the flowers that will suit your budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can just make your own bouquets.

Choosing the wedding flower that is right for you is really important. Some of the main choices that you are going to make are the types of wedding flowers and their arrangements, the color of the flowers and the greenery choices and whether to employ silk or real flowers.

Remember that the wedding flowers are among the magnificent and significant parts of any wedding. At first, you may find it hard to decide what wedding flowers to choose, but in the end the hardships will be paid off once you discovered how the wedding flowers that you chose add color and splendor to your big day.


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